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The Platform for the Defense of Ayahuasca (PDA), known as the “Plantaforma” is an association of people interested in defending the good use and the respect of this sacred millenary medicine.

Its main objectives are:

  •  Work towards a legal recognition that allows the legal use of Ayahuasca.
  •  Become a reliable source of information about the brew available to institutions, government agencies and media.
  • Recognition of the traditional, spiritual and religious use of Ayahuasca in Europe as a human right.
  • Promote scientific research on the brew.
  • Gathering, selecting, elaborating and spreading objective and trustworthy information about Ayahuasca.
  • Create a meeting point for all interested in the brew where to share and receive information about it.
  • Provide support and legal aid to those unlawfully arrested for using Ayahuasca.

We need the help of those of you that believe that the name and use of this sacred medicine has to be protected against the ignorance and abuse of those that don´t know about its true spirit.

How to help:

You can send a donation here:

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