Código Ético en inglés


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Without implying the alteration of their own identities and principles, the entities and organizations whose signatures are found below commit themselves through this charter to adopt the following common ethical procedures with regard to the use of AYAHUASCA in organized sessions:


1. A prior interview of the participants must always be held, with the aim of informing them about the indispensable requisites for participating in a session and of discovering if there is any cause which may prevent their participation.

2. The participants should be informed of the possible effects, form and duration of the session, and of the composition of the substance to be taken, so that they may understand and assimilate it.

3. A subsequent follow-up of the participants is recommended.

4. It is recommended that the participants sign a statement of informed consent about the session to be held.

5. We must maintain an optimum level of human quality at all times: before, during and after the sessions.


The following persons should be prohibited from participating:

1. Those who are mentally handicapped by some kind of severe disorder

2. Those who are taking a medication incompatible with the use of this drink

3. Participants who are uninformed or reject the information given to them

4. Anyone who does not meet the conditions set by the entity which organizes the session.


1. The sale, trafficking, commercialization of or speculation of any kind with the use of ayahuasca is not permitted.

2. The aim of economic contributions must be to cover the costs deriving from the holding of the sessions as well as to help the indigenous peoples, religious traditions or schools and scientific investigations to maintain their structures.


The organizations and entities which organize Ayahuasca sessions have the obligation to behave and express themselves in accordance with the laws in force laid down in our Constitution or to work to modify them, in line with this Code, so that they may be in harmony with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, especially in regard to that pertaining to freedom of conscience and religious liberty, always seeking that their actions do not harm others.


Ayahuasca should not be offered as the “panacea” for everything.


The preparation of the drink should not cause harm to the natural habitat of its origin nor imply any threat to the people native to its environment. The protection of nature and its inhabitants (Mother Earth) should always be the principle which links the ayahuasca-drinkers of the world.


1. Each entity must assume responsibility for the information which it provides to its members or the communication media, taking care not to speak in the name of other organizations and choosing its spokesmen with care.

2. This Code assumes a commitment not to practice proselytism or make publicity-type claims for the sessions or the consumption of ayahahuasca. However, all interested parties or newcomers have the right to receive the information they ask for in a sane and positive form.

3. The Platform supports the scientific investigation of ayahuasca and commits itself to collaborate with specific cases of investigation.


1. Any person who guides an Ayahuasca session must have the corresponding authorization and supervision of those responsible for his line of work. In cases where they do not belong to any recognized Line of Work, they must inform the participants of this.

2. The person who guides an Ayahuasca session must not take the sessions beyond the limits of what he is capable and sure of carrying out, be it in terms of time, intensity or any other factor.

3. The person who guides an Ayahuasca session is obliged to develop the sessions in a righteous and ethical way, aiming exclusively at the personal development of the persons who attend the session or of his or her group, organization or environment and for the benefit of mankind. He or she must absolutely abstain from voluntarily causing harm to anyone by:

a) Respecting the sexual, physical and emotional integrity of the participants.

b) Refusing to wheedle for money or favors during the session.

c) Treating all the personal information about those who attend as confidential.


1. This ethical code is open to new contributions

2. The members commit themselves to help all other fraternal organizations and to defend all aspects related to the use of Ayahuasca, in an honest effort to achieve the union of the adherent persons and organizations.

3. The members commit themselves to endeavor to maintain a high level of prestige, rigor and social utility in their practices.

4. Everyone who adheres to the present ethical code commits himself or herself to bring to the attention of the Platform for the defense of Ayahuasca any known irregularity or abuse which endangers the good name of Ayahuasca, so that the Platform may take the consequent actions.

Ethical Code, approved on November 23, 2009.

Note: This Ethical Code is a minimal code common to all people or organizations which form part of the Platform. (source: https://www.plantaforma.org/3.html)

(Translated from Spanish into English by Jimmy Weiskopf)