‘Voices of Ayahuasca’: A Documentary Series to Advocate for the Amazonian Beverage

Over a year ago, we asked for your help from the Ayahuasca Defense Platform to record a series of documentaries about the Amazonian sacramental beverage.

The reason that prompted us to take this step was to defend the ayahuasca community from a campaign of attacks by the Spanish police and certain media outlets, a strategy orchestrated to stigmatize the practice of ayahuasca.

In these 14 months, we have recorded and edited the first two episodes of the series ‘Voices of Ayahuasca’, namely, ‘The Science of Ayahuasca’ and ‘Santo Daime, the Religion of the Forest’, which, as we promised at the time, can be viewed for free on our YouTube channel.

During the development process of the series, we realized that it would be incomplete without the most important voices of ayahuasca: those of the Amazonian peoples, the true custodians and knowers of the plant.

For this reason, last January, the filming team of ‘Voices of Ayahuasca’ traveled to the jungles of Peru to capture some of these voices: those of the healers, taitas, and vegetalistas who keep this rich medical and spiritual tradition more alive than ever.

‘The Voice of the Indigenous Peoples’

Once again, we need your help to be able to complete the filming and edit the last two episodes of the series, dedicated to the voices of the indigenous peoples and to the ‘Future of Ayahuasca’, a task that we are undertaking with few resources and many hours of work.

Here you can see a brief preview of the third episode.

For this reason, we have launched a new crowdfunding campaign: ‘Voices of Ayahuasca: The Journey Continues’. We estimate that we need just over 20,000 euros to complete the filming and editing of the next two episodes of the series. In the first week of the campaign, we have already achieved 20% of this figure, about 4,000 euros.

Ayahuasca is increasingly threatened in Spain and Europe. Prohibitionist forces are pressing for its illegality, and it is not unlikely that the thousands of us who practice ayahuasca in Spain may be accused of breaking the law. The example of Italy is too close to ignore.

Every contribution, large or small, brings us closer to sharing these ‘Voices of Ayahuasca’ with the world. Together, we can ensure that these testimonies are told and heard.

Help us establish a line of defense for ayahuasca. All support is welcome!


-Crowdfunding in Indiegogo: ‘Voces de la ayahuasca: el viaje continúa’


-Website ‘Voces de la ayahuasca’.


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